TouchVPN Review

TouchVPNA VPN is supposed to allow you to browse the internet under a veil of anonymity. It’s supposed to protect your privacy and ensure your online security.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a mobile app or a browser extension, and it doesn’t matter how cheap or expensive it is. This is why over 25% of internet users rely on a VPN

One of those VPNs is. It makes grand promises about its capabilities, but the big question of the day is, does it deliver? I don’t think it does. 

Take a look at the following Touch VPN review to find out more about it, see how to use Touch VPN, and figure out whether this is the right choice of VPN for you. 

General Overview of Touch VPN 

What is Touch VPN? It’s one of the free VPN providers that supports Android, iOS, Windows, and Chrome.

There’s no data transfer limit, and you don’t need to register to start using it. So far, so good. 

In 2015, Touch VPN was acquired by AnchorFree, and everything’s been stagnant ever since.

Its privacy policy hasn’t been updated since 2015, its security protocols are outdated, and even its Twitter account has had no activity in the past few years. 

Seeing how a VPN serves to keep you safe while browsing online, this lack of activity and updates is very concerning, making Touch VPN appear unreliable and untrustworthy.

You’d better give it a second thought before you decide to start using Touch VPN. 

Pros and Cons 

Pros of using Touch VPN: 

  • Free to use
  • Good download and upload speed on Chrome 
  • User-friendly apps 

Cons of using Touch VPN: 

  • Outdated privacy policy 
  • The VPN protocol it uses isn’t secure  
  • Monitors and logs your online behavior 
  • Torrenting isn’t allowed 

Pricing and Plans 

As mentioned previously in this Touch VPN review, using it is free.

They have no paid subscription plans, so you can easily download the app or add the extension and start using it.

If you want to enjoy an ad-free version of Touch VPN on your iOS device, you can get it for around $30 a year. The Android app has no ad-free version. 

If you want, you can invest in Touch VPN by donating. You will not receive any additional features of benefits if you decide to do so. 

Speed Test and Performance 

Both upload and download speeds were astonishing with Touch VPN.

It quickly allowed me to reach speeds well over 50Mpbs for both upload and download, so this is a big plus for this free VPN.

As with any free product, however, there were some inconsistencies, and the connection was slow at times. That was all easily fixed by reconnecting. 

The biggest problem with Touch VPN’s speed and performance is the latency.

The best ping time is around 20ms, and it can go much worse than this. If you were planning on joining an online game through Touch VPN, it’s best not to do it as the input lag will seriously harm your play.

But there are other options to choose from to make your online gaming experience pleasant, click here to read more. 

So, if you were wondering does Touch VPN work, then yes, it does the job. It performs adequately, but the occasional poor speeds and latency aren’t worth it. 


You can never expect to get amazing features from a free product, and it’s the same with VPNs. Touch VPN is a basic, free VPN service that’s easy to use and offers some anonymity online (emphasis on “some”). 

As far as the servers go, Touch VPN doesn’t specify how many servers it has, nor how many IP addresses it offers. Don’t expect the number to be very high. 

Your server locations will depend on your device. If you’re a Windows user, you’ll have access to the highest number of servers. The Chrome extension offers just 7 locations: US, UK, Canada, Russia, France, Germany, and the Netherlands. Unfortunately, Touch VPN doesn’t provide any coverage in South America and Africa. 


touchvpn connecting to macYou can use Touch VPN on any device that supports the PPTP protocol.

This includes most smartphones, tablets, PCs, and even routers and game consoles.

If you have a Windows device, an android, or an iPhone, you can easily use this VPN.

However, it doesn’t support Macs, so you’ll need to find another Mac-compatible VPN. 

Security: Encryption and Protocols 

One of the most significant issues I’ve found with touch VPN is precisely security. Touch VPN uses the PPTP protocol, which is outdated and considered to be the least secure protocol available. It’s effortless to crack, and the only benefit of this protocol is that it allows the VPN to be a bit faster, that’s all. 

The SSL encryption provides adequate security, and it’s among the most popular types of encryptions, but it can still be very much improved upon. 

There are no additional security features that’ll you’ll encounter with Touch VPN. There’s no kill switch, and it’s always evident that you’re using a VPN. 

So, is Touch VPN safe? No, not really. If you’re concerned about your online safety and security, it’s best to look for another VPN. 

Privacy and Logging Policy 

As mentioned previously in this Touch VPN review, its privacy policy hasn’t been updated in years. It’s completely outdated, and not to say very confusing. 

The most concerning thing is that Touch VPN monitors all your online activity and logs it. Some of the information that it will collect includes: 

  • Your IP address 
  • Browser type 
  • Access time and date 
  • Webpages you visit and how long you stay on them 
  • Unique device identifier 

Your personal and other information can be shared with third parties without your consent if this is required by law. 

So, if you want to ensure your anonymity online, stay away from Touch VPN. 


Unfortunately, Touch VPN doesn’t support P2P activity, so this isn’t a VPN for you if you were hoping to use it to keep your torrenting activity hidden.

It is one of the most significant downsides of Touch VPN, especially now that the worldwide governments are shutting down many major torrenting sites. 


using touch vpn to watch netflixIf you’ve been hoping to stream your favorite series on Netflix through Touch VPN, you’re out of luck. Touch VPN will not provide you access to Netflix, nor will you be able to watch protected content on YouTube. 

Customer Support 

It will be difficult getting in contact with Touch VPN’s customer support. You can only reach them via email.

Finding that email is trickier than it’s supposed to be.

Believe it or not, it’s included in the privacy policy. Responses from customer support are rather fast, but they’re not helpful as all answers were very vague. Overall, customer support is not all that great. 

Final Verdict 

If you’re interested in ensuring online anonymity, security, and privacy, and if you want to stream shows on Netflix or use torrenting sites, Touch VPN is not for you.

The outdated privacy policy, logging, and overall inadequacy of this VPN is disappointing.

It’s much better not to use a VPN at all than to risk giving out your personal information. Instead, we would highly recommend using Cyberghost VPN for these purposes.


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