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TunnelBear VPN offers both free and paid service. Their VPN software uses OpenVPN protocol and 256-bit AES encryption. Additionally, TunnelBear is based in Canada, which is a member of the 5/9/14-Eyes Alliance.

In my in-detail review, I cover other details: features, speed, streaming services, quality of customer support, and its additional characteristics. Read on to find out more. 

tunnelbear product

  • Cheapest monthly price comes with a 3-year account: $3.33 per month
  • A year-long plan comes with a monthly price: $4.99
  • Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS with Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browser extensions
  • Maximum devices supported: Five simultaneous connections
  • Kill switch: Yes (VigilantBear)
  • Log files: TunnelBear doesn’t keep log files
  • Number of servers: 4000
  • Number of server locations: 23+ countries

Speed test and performance

When traveling abroad, you’re in constant need of the internet, which makes high speeds a necessity. However, note that it’s normal that a VPN loses on speed sometimes.

Luckily, with TunnelBear, I haven’t noticed anything to be concerned about. TunnelBear’s speed and performance stays on a high level, especially with a European server.

privacy tunnelbear

Of course, there is a difference between using the free option and the subscription. You can expect a higher speed and a more stable connection with a subscription plan.

I have tried the European, Australian, and the USA servers to check the speed and the performance on multiple continents.

  • The European server, Amsterdam, shows a Ping of 39ms, Download: 52.26 Mbps, and Upload: 27.20 Mbps.
  • The Australian server, Melbourne, shows a Ping of 31ms, Download: 12.72 Mbps, and Upload: 0.91 Mbps.
  • The USA server, New York, shows a Ping of 277ms, Download: 4.90 Mbps, and Upload: 0.83 Mbps.

☝ There are slight drops in both the Australian and the USA servers. Taking that into consideration, I’m still satisfied with the speed and performance of the TunnelBear VPN.

Privacy and logging policy

If you mainly need a VPN to secure your privacy, we recommend not looking any further because TunnelBear is the perfect option for you. TunnelBear’s privacy policy detects DNS and IPv6 leaks, which serves as an additional protection layer on the web.

Also, TunnelBear has a strict no-logging policy.

Tunnelbear will not collect any information regarding IP addresses, DNS Queries, and any additional information about your internet use.

However, Canada is not the best jurisdiction for VPN providers since they are required to hand over any personal information if the law requires it.

The personal information includes your name, email address, last four digits of your credit card number, amount of used data, and your OS Version.

Security: Is TunnelBear safe?

Probably the best feature TunnelBear has to offer is its security.

As I mentioned before, TunnelBear VPN does everything to protect its users’ privacy, and it uses 256-bit AES/OpenVPN, IPSec & IKEv2 encryption protocol.

This encryption is a high-tech protocol that will make sure your data is protected, and there are no leaks.

Another helpful feature that you can use is the so-called Vigilant Bear that protects your data if there is a breach in your Wi-Fi connection.

☝ If you’re in between connections, your data might not be secure, but the Vigilant Bear makes it safe.

Pricing and Plans: How much is TunnelBear?

tunnelbear pricing and plans

The VPN provider offers different plans based on your needs. If you are a single user, you can choose the Unlimited plan, but if you’re buying TunnelBear for your office, choose the Teams plan.

There are no differences between these two plans regarding features, except that the Teams plan has a dedicated account manager and centralized team billing and manager.

There are three pricing plans for single users. A monthly plan comes at $9.99, an annual plan comes with a $4.99 monthly price, and the most affordable three-year plan comes with a monthly rate of $3.33.

The Team’s plan has different prices depending on how big your team is, hence the price for a group of three members is $207 a year. However, TunnelBear has a free 7-day plan for teams — try it to see why I think it’s worth it.

Download TunnelBear

Is TunnelBear good for torrenting?

If you have been asking yourself does TunnelBear allow torrenting, you will be happy to know it is one of the best VPNs for torrenting — both P2P connections and the use of the TOR network. The Onion Router, or TOR, is best used in combination with VPN because it provides additional security and anonymity. Most other VPN providers do not offer this service to their users.

You shouldn’t wonder, “Does TunnelBear use data?” because, with unlimited data that you get with a premium plan, you can easily download any movies or TV shows.

☝ Tunnebear uses trusted networks to make sure your torrenting experience is carefree. You can use any of the browser extensions we have mentioned before — Chrome, Firefox, and Opera — for safe torrenting.

Streaming: Does TunnelBear work with Netflix?

Unfortunately, TunnelBear does not work with Netflix or the BBC iPlayer. But, to be fair, both Netflix and the BBC iPlayer have indeed tightened their security, and most VPNs do not work with them.

You can safely use TunnelBear to stream HBO GO — if that’s more your style.

Generally, both streaming services have been working inconsistently. However, many users have had success in unblocking Netflix by using TunnelBear — maybe you will be one of the lucky ones.

Customer support

I have tested TunnelBear’s customer support personally, and I have received a prompt answer. I am delighted with how quickly the customer support got back at me — in 24 hours. Additionally, I have received a helpful and informative response from the agent.

Unfortunately, TunnelBear doesn’t have live chat support.

Hopefully, they will add it shortly since it has proven to be the most useful way to get in contact with support when you immediately need it.

Is TunnelBear VPN any good?

If you’re still wondering is TunnelBear worth it — I say yes if we’re talking about security! It offers the best security and protection among VPN providers. Also, TunnelBear has an abundance of other features that you can check for yourself by registering for a free plan.

If you come across any problems and you’re questioning “Where is TunnelBear based?” — you can call the customer service if you’re in Canada since TunnelBear is also located in Canada. They will lend a helping hand.

Overall, my TunnelBear rating is useful if you don’t need a  VPN for streaming services. Also, it’s a fantastic starting point if you haven’t used a VPN before because you will navigate it with ease.

Is TunnelBear VPN free?

TunnelBear offers an open plan to any user that signs up. The plan has limited usage of 500 MB with the same high-tech security protection.

Does TunnelBear work in China?

TunnelBear works in China. Its GhostBear feature disguises your Internet traffic so that you can easily bypass China’s Firewall. This built-in feature is included with ALL of the TunnelBear’s subscription plans.


Does TunnelBear have an ad blocker?

Yes, TunnelBear has an ad blocker that is freely available as a browser extension



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