VyprVPN Review: How Reliable Is VyprVPN? 

Online privacy and security are some of the top concerns of any internet user. Unfortunately, though, most of our online behavior is being monitored, whether that’s for marketing personalization purposes or pure surveillance doesn’t matter, this fact remains the same. 

If you want to browse the internet through a veil of anonymity, what you need is a VPN. Now, you cannot just start relying on any VPN provider and hope for the best. Some free VPNs bring more harm than good and can compromise your online privacy and security. 

You should only use a reliable VPN that offers you a secure connection to any network, protects your internet protocol address and delivers on its privacy protection promises. 

VyprVPN seems to be one of the providers that can accomplish all of the above. If you have big questions on your mind, what is VyprVPN, how to use VyprVPN, etc., you’ve come to the right place. 

I’ve tested the provider thoroughly, so if you’re interested in knowing more about it, check out this VyprVPN review that will answer all of your questions. 

What is VyprVPN? 

VyprVPN is owned by a Swiss-based company Golden Frog, so I guess you could call this a Golden Frog VPN review as well. Ever since its founding, which was in response to the Room 641A incident, the company was adamant about providing privacy and security to all of its users, and about offering free and open internet access to all. 

The founders chose Switzerland as their location because this country is known for fighting for internet privacy and security. Although locations such as the British Virgin Islands are among the best jurisdictions for a VPN provider, Switzerland comes at a close second. 

Pros and cons 

There’s no such thing as a perfect VPN provider, and while VyprVPN comes very close to perfection, it still has its pros and cons. 

Through my VyprVPN audit, these are the results I’ve gotten. 

VyprVPN Pros: 

  • No DNS leaks 
  • Zero logs policy 
  • Excellent encryption protocols
  • Great speed 
  • Netflix access 

VyprVPN Cons: 

  • Payments aren’t anonymous 
  • More expensive than the competitors 

VyprVPN features

VyprVPN has numerous helpful features. It has an extensive network of servers in over 70 countries around the world, a user-friendly VyprVPN Cloud that offers an additional layer of security, offers reliable DNS protection, and so much more. 

One of the most exciting things is that VyprVPN has developed a new technology called Chameleon that can help you bypass internet censorship. 

So, in short, some of VyprVPN’s most useful features include: 

  • Chameleon 
  • VyprVPN Cloud 
  • Self-hosted DNS 
  • Kill switch 
  • No-logging policy 
  • High-end encryption 
  • High speed 
  • 5 simultaneous connections 
  • Unlimited switching between servers 

VyprVPN security 

why-vpn-increase-privacy-securityIf you were wondering is VyprVPN safe, you’ll have nothing to worry about. In all my tests, there were no IP or DNS leaks, and I could browse the web completely safe. To protect your privacy, VyprVPN uses the OpenVPN protocol by default, and you also have access to L2TP, PPTP, IPSec, and 256-bit AES. 

With their trademarked Chameleon technology, VyprVPN scrambles your metadata and protects you against Deep Packet Inspection (DPI). This allows you unrestricted use of VPN, as it’s next to impossible for others to determine whether you’re using a VPN connection or not. 

Privacy policy

Seeing how adamant the company is about internet privacy, it seems silly to even ask the question: does VyprVPN keep logs. They have a zero-logs policy that ensures your data is completely protected. 

VyprVPN does not log your IP address, your assigned IP address when you use their services, there are no logs about your connection start and stop times, nor your traffic. 

VyprVPN had an independent audit to verify its zero-log policy in 2018, and the audit confirmed that VyprVPN indeed doesn’t keep any user data. 


A thing that was most surprising to me was how fast VyprVPN actually is. It’s comparable to some of the leading VPN providers and offers excellent download and upload speeds. 

Testing on its EU servers, VyprVPN allowed for over 70 Mbps download and over 30 Mbps upload speed. US and Asian servers performed slightly worse, clocking in around 50 Mbps for download and 10 Mbps for upload

It’s definitely one of the fastest VPN providers out there, so you’ll easily be able to stream HD videos and download any content you want. 


As a network-neutral VPN provider, VyprVPN is available across different devices, protocols, and applications. The VPN is compatible with: 

  • Windows 
  • Mac 
  • Android 
  • iOS 
  • Routers
  • TV 
  • QNAP 
  • Blackphone 
  • Anonabox 

Pricing and plans 

As I mentioned in the VyprVPN cons, its price is a bit steeper than some of the competition. While it’s by no means the most expensive VPN provider, it still comes with a somewhat steeper price tag, especially if you subscribe to their 1-month plan. 

Luckily, you can often find discounts, and seeing how VyprVPN has many useful features, it’s well worth the price. 

Currently, you can get VyprVPN at the following price points: 

  • $12.95/mo for the 1-month plan 
  • $3.75/mo for the 1-year plan 
  • $2.50/mo for the 2-year plan 

Whichever plan you choose, you will get a great money-back guarantee. While most other VPN providers have a 7-day money-back guarantee, VyprVpn offers you a 30-day guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the service, you can easily cancel any time you want, although you likely wouldn’t want to. 

Netflix streaming

why-vpn-improve-streaming-experienceNetflix is notorious for cracking down on VPN users and restricting their access to the site. It poses no significant problems for VyprVPN. 

Thanks to the Chameleon technology, VyprVPN can give you access to Netflix, although you’ll find that certain countries aren’t available. The VPN provider still has your back, as you can find information on their website on how you can unblock geo-restricted sites. You can even contact their customer support if you still don’t have access to a particular site. 


VyprVPN has no mention of torrenting on its website. However, P2P file sharing is possible. In the past, VyprVPN would suspend customer accounts if there were any copyright infringement claims. However, since the VPN provider doesn’t monitor user activity and has a zero-log policy, this means that your privacy is protected, and you can use torrents without restrictions. 

Customer support 

VyprVPN’s customer support doesn’t disappoint. You can contact them via their live chat, or raise a support ticket. They’re highly responsive, and I received an answer from them within minutes. 

Their website contains adequate content that can help answer almost any question you may have, and their FAQ section is incredibly helpful. Overall, VyprVPN has excellent and responsive customer support, which was very refreshing. 

Final verdict 

Seeing how VyprVPN has numerous helpful features, excellent privacy protection, zero-log policy, Chameleon technology, and so much more, I would definitely recommend this VPN provider. 

It ticks all the boxes. It’s fast, reliable, it unblocks geo-restricted sites, uses top-notch encryption protocols, and is bound to suit all your needs.


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